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The Atlas is the first vertebra of the spine, the connection between and brain and the spinal cord. In Greek mythology, Atlas is a Titan and demigod condemned to forever carry the world upon his shoulders. His back and neck are compressed by the weight as he stoops over, crushed by the heavy burden. Atlas means “he who suffers”, the “bearer” or “endurer”. 99% of us are born with this skeletal atlas defect that keeps us trapped in the bodymind, and in stress patterns that prevent more energy from traveling down from the Alta Major to the rest of our central nervous system and bodymind.

To open up the Atla Major Chakra and allow Shakti to circulate and flow freelt throughout the 18 pathways a physical adjustment to the Atlas is usually necessary.

The atlas alignment was discovered in 1993 by disabled Swiss doctor Renee’ Claudius Schuemerli. In his research Schuemerli found that several advanced cultures of antiquity, particularly the Mayan and Egyptian cultures, regularly practiced manual repositioning techniques of the atlas. He further discovered that the atlas is probably dislocated in almost all humans from birth, which can entail a chain reaction of symptomatic complaints, such as back problems,

migraines, psychological complaints, complaints of the neck, spinal column, knee and hip joints.

This has a direct effect on the psyche and organs, since the disconnection disturbs internal body communication, and disrupts the whole nervous system.

By correcting the atlas bone, this chronic and long disturbed internal communication can return to perfect function in the nerve channels on all levels. As the atlas is fixed to the suspension of the spinal column, the body’s own healing forces activate to decrease stress responses and increase centering.

This makes the bodymind freer, lighter, and more fluid. Organs and skeleton realign, old tension patterns dissolve, posture changes, and more energy is available to all parts of you. This is because the central nervous system is now able to transmit and receive energy at 100% efficiency throughout the whole body, mind and soul.”

Reproduced with the author's permission
"The Power of Shakti" by Padma Aon Prakasha

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Some of the terms used to describe the AtlasPROFilax treatment include: Atlas Correction, Atlas Misalignment Treatment, Atlas Realignment and Atlas Therapy.

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