Frequently Asked Questions about Atlas Realignment

Who will benefit from the AtlasPROfilax® treatment?

The AtlasPROfilax® treatment is for everyone, from babies to the elderly. See more about treatment of children here The youngest one I have corrected was 5 weeks old and the eldest one was 82 years old. The spine of elderly people may never be perfectly leveled, but tensions and pains could be greatly reduced, their balance may improve and they will have a much better quality of life.
Anyone with problems with the spine, neck and joints are highly recommended to have this treatment.  However, I recommend it to everyone for the purpose of prevention (We believe 95 % of humans beings have the Atlas out of alignment).  

How did the Atlas get misaligned for most humans?

Birth can be very traumatic for babies (forceps, caesarean, prolonged labour, suction), sometimes also the position of the foetus is not quite right in the mother’s womb. However, we have observed that even babies born by caesarean could have their Atlas out of place.
There are other contributing factors like the tremendous stress children sometimes undergo (e.g. falls, knocks…) at an early age, when they learn how to walk or ride a bicycle. Later on, additional traumas can aggravate the situation in the event of car crashes, sport or work injuries, bad sleeping conditions, whiplash, etc…..

Are you a chiropractor?

No, I am not a chiropractor or a doctor either and it is not my intention to replace any of those roles. I am an alternative practitioner and do not adjust the Atlas, I only work on the soft tissues around it.

Is this treatment safe? What does the treatment involve?

The procedure is perfectly safe, there are no strenuous manipulations done to the neck.
I use a tool which massages the tight muscles and soft tissues around the lower neck, where the Atlas is trapped. When the muscles are loosened, the released Atlas can slot into place by itself, I simply guide it.

How many sessions do I need?

The Atlas is realigned in one session only. However we offer a follow-up session (free of charge) to help the body to re-adjust.

What does the second session involve?
I Check the position of the atlas and check no furthur work is needed.
Once I am satisfied I start the bodywork. I have been a remedial bodyworker for 19 years ,specialising in muscular skeletal alignment.
My treatment involve gently, and sometimes not so gently stretching the muscles and ligaments ,allowing them to return to the place nature intended them to be. I gently align the pelvis ,release tension from the spine and supporting tissues.
I am also a qualified hypnotherapist,which enables me to help you process emotions ,as old stress pattern release.

Will the Atlas stay in place?

For anatomical and mechanical reasons, a corrected Atlas cannot be dislocated again! The Atlas (C1) and the Axis (C2) form a joint, and like any joint in the body they are designed to fit. For instance, under normal conditions, you won’t fear your shoulders or elbows would dislocate, unless extremely traumatised, and the same thing applies to the Atlas.
Furthermore, the processus styloideus are like 2 pins which hold the Atlas in place, and the weight of the head (between 9 and 17 pounds) will naturally keep the Atlas in its proper place.

How much does the treatment cost?

The AtlasPROfilax® Treatment costs the same price worldwide, which is the equivalent of £150 all over in the UK (£95 for children under sixteen) and includes 2 sessions, lasting on average one hour each
Please, be aware that we don't accept debit or credit cards.Please note that payment should be preferably in cash or cheque on the day of the initial session. In special circumstances, discounts or payments by instalment may be discussed.

Is the treatment painful?

The procedure is normally not painful, some patients find it very pleasant, some of them don’t find it comfortable, it all depends on how much tension is held by the patient or his/her sensitivity.
For instance, it is normally not painful for children as they rarely have muscular contractions.
It is rarely unbearable.

Is this treatment for children?

The repositioning of the Atlas is a simple and safe procedure which produces lifelong advantages. Children can especially benefit from a treatment as a preventative measure, allowing them to grow up healthily and develop to their fullest potential.

The treatment of children is particularly recommended because of both the ease of execution, resulting from the near-absence of muscular contractions, and the greater capacity for adaptation to the alignment afterwards. Most of the time, we will take care of our own health only when the pain and the problems are already at a very advanced stage and no longer bearable (only relieving symptoms). After years of problems and attempts to alleviate them with massive and prolonged use of pharmaceutical drugs, the body finds itself in such a precarious state that it becomes increasingly difficult to recover, and the regeneration phase is much longer and more problematic. It even may happen that a particular person is so ill and his/her body is so exhausted that it cannot regenerate. In such a case the correction is useless.
For this reason, the AtlasPROfilax® correction shall be seen as a preventive measure and be checked and corrected in children, even if they do not yet appear as having any problems.
The youngest baby I have corrected was 5 weeks old.

Will I get some healing reactions?

As a result of the correction, your body will experience a self-healing process. The healing duration is dependent on the physical constitution of each individual. Your body will regain its natural vital strength and you will feel its regeneration process accordingly.
Responses can emerge on the same day, weeks and even months after the treatment. Fatigue may occur as a result of carrying disease and injury in the body. Emotions such as sadness, depression and negativity may also surface during this time in order to clear completely.
Medical conditions of a physical or mental nature, which have not been entirely cleared, may appear again in a modified form to be ultimately cured within the regenerating and self-healing process; For instance, persistent coughs, bronchitis, colds (a runny nose over a period of time is part of the natural regenerating and clearing process).

What kind of after-care should I seek?

It is essential to support and treat your body, especially your neck and your back with massages. Regular relaxing baths , steamrooms and saunas are also hugely beneficial on a regular basis. Other traditional treatments and complementary therapies are even more effective when the Atlas is in its correct position.

In certain cases not only patience is required but also therapies and traditional treatments to help relieve persistent pain and blockages along the spine, the cervical vertebrae and around the pelvis. Muscle memory can be deep seated. Tension can be held in your body, especially in the neck, back and the lumbar region of the spine for months after the adjustment. Bad posture and accidents which have poorly healed can become sensitive. As the nerve channels slowly recover, sensitivity may be felt in the teeth, armpits, shoulders and arms.
Please consider and remember that you have been living with a luxated atlas since your birth and be aware that your body will need your active support for its rehabilitation. A disease does not emerge overnight hence the regeneration and self-healing process can also take years according to the physical state of your body.
With your Atlas in its defined position your cells and organs have a clear path to an abundant supply of the universes vital forces.

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Some of the terms used to describe the AtlasPROFilax treatment include: Atlas Correction, Atlas Misalignment Treatment, Atlas Realignment and Atlas Therapy.

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