Children can especially benefit from the repositioning of the Atlas as a preventative measure, allowing them to grow up healthily and develop to their fullest potential.

The treatment of children is particularly recommended because of both the ease of execution, resulting from the near-absence of muscular contractions, and the greater capacity for adaptation to the alignment afterwards. Most of the time, we will take care of our own health only when the pain and the problems are already at a very advanced stage and no longer bearable (only relieving symptoms). After years of problems and attempts to alleviate them with massive and prolonged use of pharmaceutical drugs, the body finds itself in such a precarious state that it becomes increasingly difficult to recover, and the regeneration phase is much longer and more problematic. It even may happen that a particular person is so ill and his/her body is so exhausted that it cannot regenerate. In such a case the correction is useless.

For this reason, the AtlasPROfilax® correction shall be seen as a preventive measure and be checked and corrected in children, even if they do not yet appear as having any problems.

The youngest baby I have corrected was 6 weeks old.

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Some of the terms used to describe the AtlasPROFilax treatment include: Atlas Correction, Atlas Misalignment Treatment, Atlas Realignment and Atlas Therapy.

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