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I remember getting into so much trouble, because I would not take no for an answer. If someone said “do not do that“, I HAD TO FIND OUT WHY!
You can imagine what fun I had and learnt some hard lessons on the way.
That curious or rebellious mind, never accepted what was put in front of me.
I wanted to know why we got sick, why some people healed and why some didn't.

I trained as a remedial Bodyworker, learning different healing modalities from all over the world, working with the body, mind heart and soul for the last 20 years.

As I grew in knowledge, it also reflected to me how much I did not know about something else.

Training in Switzerland at the atlas academy and meeting Rene, the founder of the atlasprofilax method, was a magical moment for me. I had at last found the reason why, when I had realigned the body, it would in time return to a misalignment.
Why? The atlas had not fully been returned to it's true position.

Since doing atlas work, it has transformed my life and that of many others.


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Rezwana Patterson - AtlasPROfilax
Visage Therapy Centre
Elm Tree House, Crown Street, Cockermouth, Cumbria, CA13 0EH

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Some of the terms used to describe the AtlasPROFilax treatment include: Atlas Correction, Atlas Misalignment Treatment, Atlas Realignment and Atlas Therapy.

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