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The AtlasPROfilax treatment is a unique non-medical method which promotes health and self-healing.

Did you know that the first cervical vertebra – the atlas – is misaligned in most humans? The atlas is said to be misaligned when the convex bony formations (occipital condyles) on the sides of the hole in the base of the skull (foramen magnum) do not properly fit into the convex receptacles on the top of the atlas (superior articular facets).

The atlas supports the skull but also facilitates the suspension and balance of the spine, so a misaligned atlas can lead to a variety of physical and psychological problems; for example, migraine headaches, back and neck pain, lumbago, herniated discs, scoliosis, jammed spinal nerves, pain in the hip joints and maladies of the knee.

We can now relocate the atlas using the AtlasPROfilax method. This is a unique non-medicinal technique, developed in the mid ’90s, to safely and permanently correct a misaligned atlas with just one application. Rezwana, our specialist AtlasProf, has been trained and certified by the Atlas Academy in Switzerland.

It is amazing to be able to have full rotation of my neck after years of neck and shoulder injuries and pain. The relief was immediate and my posture has improved in that I now can stand and walk straight with both legs the same length!
Anita, June 2011

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Some of the terms used to describe the AtlasPROFilax treatment include: Atlas Correction, Atlas Misalignment Treatment, Atlas Realignment and Atlas Therapy.

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